AGP meet at Barpeta

By Juthika Das

“During the 9 years  of Tarun Gogoi led Congress government, there is not any development. Rather, only the congress pawns were benefited by the various schemes that were  implemented during these period”- said AGP president Chandra Mohan Patowary taking part in the  ‘Gana sangjog jatra’ of AGP from Sadiya to Dhubri, on Monday at Barpeta district playground. “The first process of ‘raijar padulit Raijar Sarkar’ was also not fulfilled and the congress government have been beating the doll-drums that their govt will employed the unemployed youths and remove the unemployment problems from the state. But surprisingly at present 22 lakh unemployed youth hankering after their jobs.” Criticizing about the implementation of govt schemes he added that from those schemes only the congress leaders were benefited. In his address Patowary said that this time if their government would be able to capture their seat, they would give importance to the burning problems of the state like – flood, erosion and unemployment etc.

The meet was presided over by Gunindra Nath Das, president AGP, Barpeta district committee whereas   MP Kumar Dipak Das, called the people to strengthen AGP by their help. The founder president of AGP, Atul Bora  mentioned that the congress had tried to allure the voters by giving the Rice to the BPL  rice at the cost of  Rs.6 and had made their bloody politics. The ex-chief minister of Assam Prafulla Kr. Mahanta also opposed the “Great dam project of Assam”. In the gathering  at Barpeta  ex-chief minister Prafulla  Kr Mahanta called the people  to unite against congress government. Liyakat Ali Khan, said that during the region of AGP government there is  not any communal clash, which occurred at present and that was unfortunate. Without the regional party, the development of Assam is impossible. He again regretted the incident of  July 21 where 4 innocent people had lost their lives. In this meet about ten thousand people gathred whereas Phani Bhushan Choudhury, working president AGP, Bhupen Roy, ex-minister AGP, Debdutta Barkataky, central VP, Dr. manoranjan Patowary, MLA, naba Kr das, organizer secy, Prabin Deka, Dipak Das etc. were also present. On the contrary Barpeta AASU hang Black flag in various places that Prafulla Kr Mahanta  took part in this meet.

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